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Our Strengths


With our experienced and skilled on-site Quality Control teams, we can provide our clients with the transparency and controls needed to measure the quality of each order. Our Quality-Control teams log thousands of miles visiting the factories every year and all this hard-work pays off as we have one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry.

We are proud of the fact that most of the Synergies employees have been with us for many years. Allow our closely-knit team to work for you and see the difference!


Sustainable Sourcing

Synergies India is passionate about using technology to create sustainable fabrics. We are invested in solutions, partners and suppliers that create new products from materials that can be reused, recycled and reborn into a new product. We can help your company reach your sustainability goals and work together to protect our living planet, Earth. We are committed to ethical, compliant and sustainable sourcing in every aspect of our operations and supply chain management


One-Stop Shop

Synergies can be your one-stop shop for all your sourcing needs. Our wide network of manufacturing partners means that you are assured of sharp pricing and quality production. In addition, we can serve as your nominated inspection agency and carry our independent quality control audits.

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